In this blog post we will introduce you to (3) OSRS MONEY MAKING METHODS that are a combination of Free to Play and Pay to play methods that may not be widely known or used.

How to make money OSRS

Method 1: Pay to Play(DANGEROUS); Stone Chests

Stone chests are a viable OSRS money maker because they grant excellent experience(280 exp per thieve) and have a moderate to good loot table. You should bring a Gem bag and Seed Box to help speed up your OSRS money making and limit the amount of bank trips you may need to do. When thieving from this chest the rewards auto respawn however there is a random chance of being teleported randomly each time. You can get all types of farming seeds, onyx bolt tips, xerican fabric, clues and more from these chests. These chests can generate anywhere from 300k-600k OSRS an hour and also provide excellent thieving experience on-top of it.

Method 2: Free to Play(DANGEROUS); Telegrabbing Nature runes

In level 40 wilderness there is a nature rune spawn that can be reached in free to play that you can telegrab nature runes from. There is a lava-surrounded island around level 40 wild, south-east of the Demonic Ruins, where 2 nature rune spawns may be telegrabbed. Each of these spawns yields 3-4 nature runes. This makes it one of if not the best free to play osrs money makers in the game.

Method 3: Pay to Play(DANGEROUS); Wilderness Looting

Simply step onto any active world where PvP is occurring on one of your junk OSRS accounts and start picking up loot from around the wilderness, this method can yield anywhere from 100K OSRS an hour to over 10M an hour if you get lucky and find an AGS or other major item on the ground! One of the best OSRS money makers in the game and it has no requirements! Be careful not to be killed though, those pkers can be ruthless!

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