Quest Cape OSRS

Quest cape osrs

Osrs questing is one of the most difficult aspects of playing Old School Runescape; Osrs questing requires various requirements such as levels, items, wealth, experience and more. These Quests range from start quests such as Cooks Assistant all the way up to Quests such as Monkey Madness 2. Below is a list of the minimum stats required to obtain an OSRS quest cape.

To obtain Quest cape OSRS on Old school Runescape you need the above stats as-well as 278 quest points. You will also need at least 25 Million OSRS gold to purchase supplies to complete the quests; if you do not have that much gold you can always buy it here:

The easiest way to approach OSRS questing is to obtain the above stats through doing easier quests at first(novice quests) then moving on to harder quests such as grandmaster quests later on down the line; doing quests can provide you experience and knowledge about the game that may come in use later on down the line. A combination of skilling and questing is often the most effective method to approaching a quest cape because in Old School Runescape Questing; Game knowledge is key.

The Quest cape OSRS or OSRS quest cape can be purchased from the wise old man at draynor village for 99k and can also be trimmed there once all achievement diaries in Old School Runescape have been completed. For a full list of quest guides and where you can potentially start visit

If your struggling to complete a certain OSRS quest on your way to your OSRS quest cape then check out some of the questing services we offer found here;

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