Group Ironman on Old School Runescape(OSRS)

At Runefest 2019, Jagex(the creators of Old School Runescape) officially revealed that Group Ironman is coming to OSRS. The announcement was met positively with many players wanting to try the new game mode with their friends, which would lead to an large increase in players for Old School Runescape.

Group Ironman has been confirmed to be released in Q4 2021 by God Ash (see video below) at Summerfest!

Group Ironman Release Date OSRS

According to a 2020 release of the August news; Group Ironman is delayed until Q4 2021;

What is Group Ironman OSRS?

Group ironman is a group-based game mode based on the regular ironman game mode but with a group of players that has been confirmed to be up to (2-5 players) as of August 2021. We know group ironman will have the majority of the Ironman restrictions and

This means you will still only be able to obtain items through drops or by creating them yourself. So you will have to train skills to get ahead in the game. However, since you are playing in groups, you will be able to trade with your fellow members within the ironman group. There is a guide by J1mmy shown below.

There is also a video by God Ash himself at Summerfest(2021’s version of Runefest) doing a 16 minute indepth tutorial of Group Ironman;

Group Ironman Hiscores

The group Ironman hiscores will be released on the public Old School Runescape High-scores page but can also be found on coupled with OSRS skill calculators, Highscore EXP gain calculators, signature generators, guides and more.

What Happens if a Group Ironman Dies OSRS?

If you die in Old School Runescape as a group ironman it will be a SAFE death however if you attempt to leave your group you will be STRIPPED of all TRADEABLE items if you wish to keep your group ironman status. Jagex has not yet determined if they will be allowing players to keep their items if they are willing to “deiron” themselves or become a main account essentially; however at the time of writing August 2021; if you choose to leave your group you WILL lose your items, please visit the Old School Runescape website for updated information if they will be going through with the second option regarding death on group ironmen OSRS!

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