Making money osrs

This blog post is all about making money osrs in Old School Runescape with odd tidbits and methods that you may not of heard about before. We hope these methods help you by making money osrs in Old School Runescape!

Method 1: Red Spider Eggs & Unicorn Horns in the tower of life ; This is an extremely easy method that requires you have to of done the quest to access the tower of life you can find a guide here for the quest and an explanation of the tower of life

Method 2: Last man standing points; This method is very self explanatory, simply go to Last man standing and play the minigame; most players now a days are bots but you will still get points each round which can then be used to turn into the shop for osrs items that are worth a reasonable amount of gold.

Method 3; Begging at the GE/Theatre of Blood; Simply stand at the Grand Exchange and annoy other old school players and beg them for money and show your not a bot; can earn anywhere from 100k-1m an hour depending on how generous people are feeling. A strange way to do money making osrs but fun to see people’s reactions and to see how much you can get!

Method 4; Teleportation Salts in Weiss; This is an interesting method that is often unknown to players; If you teleport to the Basalt mine in Weiss then use the basalt on the NPC there you can constantly train mining while making upwards of 500k an hour mining basalt and teleportation salts. You can read about how to get to Weiss and the mine here;

Method 5; Triangle sandwich; Simply pickpocket Guns outside the tower of life as he’s counting; he counts between 8200-10,000(fun fact) and can be pickpocketed for a triangle sandwich. This can make up to 350k an hour with no requirements. An extremely odd but very easy way with no requirements to do money making osrs.

Method 6: Create a female character and sell Kisses at the GE and other popular areas; Sell a kiss for 10k-50k(for those of you that think you might have a lusty boi u can even charge more) and see how much profit you can net. This can result in between 100k-400k an hour depending on how good you show it off ;). Once again a very interesting way to do making money osrs.


Osrs Questing

OSRS questing Service

OSRS quests are content that have been added to Old School Runescape over many years that players can login and enjoy as a diversion and distraction to the standard OSRS gameplay. These quests can consist of various difficulties, requirements, challenges and more. Often times these quests grant a player rewards in terms of granting access to new content, quest points, experience and various other game-advancing awards that OSRS quests are known to give.

Throughout 2020 there have been several quests added that have been higher tier Grandmaster tier quests that have granted access to unique and late-game content such as Monkey Madness 2, Theatre of Blood, Dragon Slayer 2 and more. These quests are for end game players that want to reap the benefits of the Myths Guild, The legendary theatre of blood and more to be able to get the chance to get drops worth billions of OSRS gold.

OSRS questing however can be quite difficult and often times quite time consuming if not done properly, that is where 07services comes in to help complete quests that you may otherwise struggle with and to complete them safely and securely on your account. We can complete everything from Romeo and Juliet all the way to Dragon Slayer 2 and beyond. We have experienced OSRS questers that do OSRS QUEST quickly and at a highly affordable rate. You can see our osrs questing prices here;

There are several things to know when buying questing; please keep in mind that you do not log into the account that you have bought the osrs questing service on while the service is in process. Please contact us if you have issues or inquiry’s regarding the service. If you want to complete your new favorite OSRS quest and dont have the cash on-hand to do so at this very moment; no problem! Select Stripe when checking out and pay by credit card and have 30 days to pay off your osrs questing order!


Quest Cape OSRS


Osrs questing is one of the most difficult aspects of playing Old School Runescape; Osrs questing requires various requirements such as levels, items, wealth, experience and more. These Quests range from start quests such as Cooks Assistant all the way up to Quests such as Monkey Madness 2 and Song of the elves. Below is a list of the minimum stats required to obtain an OSRS quest cape.

To obtain Quest cape OSRS on Old school Runescape you need the above stats as-well as 286 quest points. You will also need at least 25 Million OSRS gold to get you a Quest cape OSRS on Old School Runescape. If you need help with OSRS questing you can buy OSRS quests for your OSRS quest cape:

The easiest way to approach OSRS questing is to obtain the above stats through doing easier quests at first(novice quests) then moving on to harder quests such as grandmaster quests later on down the line; doing quests can provide you experience and knowledge about the game that may come in use later on down the line. A combination of skilling and questing is often the most effective method to approaching a quest cape because in Old School Runescape Questing; Game knowledge is key.  The noted combat stats only get a player to a combat level of 100. The absolute minimum total level required to complete all quests is 1954 total levels on old school runescape.

The Quest cape OSRS or OSRS quest cape can be purchased from the wise old man at draynor village for 99k and can also be trimmed there once all achievement diaries in Old School Runescape have been completed. For a full list of quest guides and where you can potentially start visit

If your struggling to complete a certain OSRS quest on your way to your OSRS quest cape then check out some of the questing services we offer found here;

2022 update: There is now more OSRS quests required to earn the OSRS quest cape including Dragon slayer 2, A night at the theatre and more. For a revised quest list please visit our OSRS questing service page to see all OSRS quests. We are the #1 place to learn about OSRS quest capes and the OSRS quest cape requirements.

Stats to complete all OSRS quests

The stats to complete all OSRS quests have been updated from the above picture as of August 2022 and are now



In this blog post we will introduce you to (3) OSRS MONEY MAKING METHODS that are a combination of Free to Play and Pay to play methods that may not be widely known or used.

How to make money OSRS

Method 1: Pay to Play(DANGEROUS); Stone Chests

Stone chests are a viable OSRS money maker because they grant excellent experience(280 exp per thieve) and have a moderate to good loot table. You should bring a Gem bag and Seed Box to help speed up your OSRS money making and limit the amount of bank trips you may need to do. When thieving from this chest the rewards auto respawn however there is a random chance of being teleported randomly each time. You can get all types of farming seeds, onyx bolt tips, xerican fabric, clues and more from these chests. These chests can generate anywhere from 300k-600k OSRS an hour and also provide excellent thieving experience on-top of it.

Method 2: Free to Play(DANGEROUS); Telegrabbing Nature runes

In level 40 wilderness there is a nature rune spawn that can be reached in free to play that you can telegrab nature runes from. There is a lava-surrounded island around level 40 wild, south-east of the Demonic Ruins, where 2 nature rune spawns may be telegrabbed. Each of these spawns yields 3-4 nature runes. This makes it one of if not the best free to play osrs money makers in the game.

Method 3: Pay to Play(DANGEROUS); Wilderness Looting

Simply step onto any active world where PvP is occurring on one of your junk OSRS accounts and start picking up loot from around the wilderness, this method can yield anywhere from 100K OSRS an hour to over 10M an hour if you get lucky and find an AGS or other major item on the ground! One of the best OSRS money makers in the game and it has no requirements! Be careful not to be killed though, those pkers can be ruthless!



This blog guide has been written to help show you how to do OSRS MONEY MAKING passively through a variety of OSRS skills, mini-games, shops and other time based daily tasks. These daily tasks are ideal if you are trying to earn enough passive income through OSRS to help you cover the costs of a OSRS bond and pay for membership, none of these tasks will make you wealthy, but with an OSRS account that can complete these tasks, they can be sources of excellent passive income for you to help pay for your monthly OSRS bond. If you are struggling to get started or recently got cleaned at the Duel arena(happens to us all haha); these are always fantastic ways to start rebuilding your wealth with minimal effort. These methods are verified working as of July 10th 2020 and come directly from various OSRS players and the Old School Runescape Wiki. We reccomend starting with buying battle stalves from Zaff located in Varrock center, buying them from Baby Yaga on Lunar Isle, Buying Bone Bolt Packs in the Lumbridge Dungeon, Buying from the Lumbridge Chest and Claiming pure essence from Wizard Crompetery as these are the easiest no requirement methods in the games that generate free OSRS gold for you regularly. As your OSRS account advances you should do the higher tiered tasks with stat requirements and compound all of these together to generate a large amount of OSRS gold quite often, which should done properly, allow you to buy OSRS bonds regularly or kickstart your OSRS account career. Please check the pictures throughout this guide to help you start your OSRS journey and help you do OSRS MONEY MAKING.

Bonus hidden method: Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup

To do this activity; simply go to Tai Bwo Wannai and find Light Jungle(The most efficient for obtaining gout tubers), make sure you bring a machete and a anti poison in case you get hit(this is low risk). Gout Tubers are excellent money and can be upwards of 1M OSRS gold an hour with minimal requirements. Every time you hack a piece of Light Jungle, you have a chance of receiving a Gout Tuber which can be sold on the Grand Exchange for a large amount of OSRS gold. This is a very simple but repetitive way to make Old School Gold if you need something with low requirements but high earning potential, we hope this random bonus money maker helps! If you want to see more; check out our other blog posts!

Images showing the requirements and how much OSRS gold can be earned through passive methods and what their requirements are throughout Old School Runescape are found below:

Osrs money making
Osrs Money Making

If you are looking for a way to do OSRS MONEY MAKING outside doing it yourself; you could simply visit and we can sell OSRS gold to you at a extremely cheap rate; this would allow you to enjoy your gameplay much faster then having to try to do all these timed tasks that may become tedious as time passes.