Clue Scroll OSRS

Clue Scrolls in OSRS are a unique and enjoyable aspect of the game that offers players the opportunity to embark on treasure hunts and receive rewarding loot. There are four types of clue scrolls: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Each type has various requirements and offers different rewards. Follow this guide to learn how to obtain, complete, and maximize your chances of receiving valuable loot from clue scrolls.

Obtaining Clue Scrolls:

  1. Monster Drops: Clue scrolls can be obtained as random drops from various monsters throughout the game. The higher the combat level of the monster, the more likely it is to drop a clue scroll of a higher difficulty.
  2. Skilling: Some activities, such as pickpocketing H.A.M. members or looting eclectic implings, can grant clue scrolls as a reward.
  3. Reward Caskets: Upon completing a clue scroll, you will receive a reward casket containing your loot.

Completing Clue Scrolls:

  1. Read the Scroll: To begin a clue scroll, right-click on it and select “Read.” This will give you a series of hints and clues to solve.
  2. Solving Clues: Clues can involve a variety of tasks, such as solving riddles, navigating treasure maps, and performing emotes at specific locations while wearing certain items.
  3. Utilize Online Resources: To save time and effort, use OSRS wiki or other fan-made websites to find solutions to clue scroll puzzles.

Types of Clue Scrolls:

  1. Easy Clue Scrolls: Typically involve straightforward puzzles and emote clues. Rewards include beginner-tier cosmetic items, unique armor sets, and valuable skilling resources.
  2. Medium Clue Scrolls: Involve slightly more challenging puzzles and emotes. Rewards include more valuable armor sets, unique items, and higher-tier skilling resources.
  3. Hard Clue Scrolls: Include complex puzzles, coordinate clues, and more challenging emotes. Rewards include valuable armor sets, unique items, and higher-tier skilling resources.
  4. Elite Clue Scrolls: The most challenging clue scrolls with complex puzzles and coordinate clues. Rewards include rare and valuable items, third-age armor pieces, and unique cosmetic items.

Tips for Efficient Clue Scroll Hunting:

  1. Complete Clues in Bulk: Accumulate several clue scrolls of the same difficulty level before attempting to complete them. This way, you can streamline your gameplay and save time.
  2. Use Clue Boxes: Purchase clue boxes from Watson in Hosidius or other players to safeguard your clue scrolls in the Wilderness, preventing them from being dropped on death.
  3. Wear Graceful Outfit: The graceful outfit significantly reduces your weight, which can improve your running energy and overall efficiency during clue scroll hunts.
  4. Use Teleports and Fairy Rings: Utilize teleports and fairy rings to quickly access various locations required for clue scroll puzzles.
  5. Utilize Puzzle Solver Tools: For coordinate clue scrolls, you can use online tools to input the coordinates and receive the exact location on the world map.

In Conclusion: Clue scrolls in OSRS offer exciting challenges and rewarding loot. By following this guide, you can efficiently obtain and complete clue scrolls of various difficulties, and increase your chances of receiving valuable rewards. Enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting and uncover the secrets hidden within clue scrolls across Gielinor!