OSRS Minigames

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We offer many OSRS minigame services that include many popular OSRS minigames that you may enjoy including but not limited to;

OSRS corrupted gauntlet service and OSRS chambers of Xeric service and Theatre of Blood service OSRS.

We offer extremely reasonable prices when you need an OSRS corrupted gauntlet service, OSRS chambers of Xeric service, which is otherwise known as a COX service or COX kills, and if you ever need a Theatre of Blood service or TOB kills or a TOB service, we have you covered. Our most popular minigame product through has always been our OSRS corrupted gauntlet service that we have completed over 5,000 runs on!

OSRS Firecape Service/Firecape Service OSRS

Want a hand-done OSRS fire cape? 07services.com has completed over 1,000 firecapes on old school Runescape. We have one of the easiest to use OSRS firecape services on the market and always will complete your Firecape service OSRS within 24 hours!

OSRS Torso Service

We will obtain you a Fighter Torso, Penance Skirt, Roles and more from Barbarian Assault. We have completed thousands of OSRS fighter torsos through our hand-done OSRS torso service on Old School Runescape.


We will obtain you OSRS pest control points at an very reasonable rate quickly and professionally, all hand done through our easy to use OSRS pest control service. This service makes it easy for getting OSRS void, essentially this is an OSRS void service.


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