Group Ironman on Old School Runescape(OSRS)

At Runefest 2019, Jagex(the creators of Old School Runescape) officially revealed that Group Ironman is coming to OSRS. The announcement was met positively with many players wanting to try the new game mode with their friends, which would lead to an large increase in players for Old School Runescape.

Group Ironman has been confirmed to be released in Q4 2021 by God Ash (see video below) at Summerfest!

Group Ironman Release Date OSRS

According to a 2020 release of the August news; Group Ironman is delayed until Q4 2021;

What is Group Ironman OSRS?

Group ironman is a group-based game mode based on the regular ironman game mode but with a group of players that has been confirmed to be up to (2-5 players) as of August 2021. We know group ironman will have the majority of the Ironman restrictions and

This means you will still only be able to obtain items through drops or by creating them yourself. So you will have to train skills to get ahead in the game. However, since you are playing in groups, you will be able to trade with your fellow members within the ironman group. There is a guide by J1mmy shown below.

There is also a video by God Ash himself at Summerfest(2021’s version of Runefest) doing a 16 minute indepth tutorial of Group Ironman;

Group Ironman Hiscores

The group Ironman hiscores will be released on the public Old School Runescape High-scores page but can also be found on coupled with OSRS skill calculators, Highscore EXP gain calculators, signature generators, guides and more.

What Happens if a Group Ironman Dies OSRS?

If you die in Old School Runescape as a group ironman it will be a SAFE death however if you attempt to leave your group you will be STRIPPED of all TRADEABLE items if you wish to keep your group ironman status. Jagex has not yet determined if they will be allowing players to keep their items if they are willing to “deiron” themselves or become a main account essentially; however at the time of writing August 2021; if you choose to leave your group you WILL lose your items, please visit the Old School Runescape website for updated information if they will be going through with the second option regarding death on group ironmen OSRS!



Above are methods that you can do that earn 3M OSRS gold or more per hour. These are some of the best high level money makers on Old School Runescape that exist.
These methods are between 1.5M – 2.5m OSRS per hour and the easiest one to do that is not combat based is pickpocketing vyres to do OSRS money making. There is a OSRS reddit post that shows someone running 30 accounts at once on 3 monitors not using bots making over 75M OSRS an hour by-hand! It’s insane! The other money makers are almost all combat based and impling jars are very hit or miss but if your a gambler, those may be perfect for you!
OSRS money making
These money makers are between 1M-1.5M an hour and makeup some skilling and some PVM content, Making money OSRS can be difficult but is not impossible; you can AFK rune dragons, Kill zulrah with relatively low stats, pickpocket HAM members, kill shamans for a dragon warhammer and more. There’s a lot of options when your trying to do Old School money making. Do not let the requirements get in your way! Their suggested requirements for optimal performance but not everyone requires them!

OSRS Money making/Make Money OSRS

OSRS money making and Making money on Old School Runescape is a requirement to enjoy the game typically, as you advance in wealth that typically brings about faster advancement in stats, playstyle and overall enjoyment. Old School would not be very enjoyable otherwise. Try to do these methods above so you can get away from the grind and enjoy the game.



Are you needing an OSRS runecrafting guide or a Runecrafting guide OSRS? Check out the video above for an amazingly clean and easy to use OSRS runecrafting guide by No Help from youtube. This will help you on your journey of Runecrafting through OSRS which is easily the hardest and most annoying OSRS skill to do in the game. Do not make it harder on yourself then it has to be! Just use the OSRS Runecrafting video guide above and you should be good to go!


Osrs money making 4

This is a OSRS money making guide that continues a long series on our blog. You can find part 3 here;

Method 1: Buy apples on GE and a basket, put the apples into the basket and sell a basket of apples, makes 200-300k an hour just selling baskets of apples and has virtually no startup requirements.

Method 2: Buy blueberry specials at the tree gnome stronghold and resell them, earn 300-500k per hour for doing nothing, no requirements

Method 3: method 3 is buying Relicyms Balm after ZFE from uglug nar. These and sanfew serums became more valuable after the nightmare boss. He sells for 200 gp each on 3 doses. I think right now it’s about 500k per hour but when nightmare first came out selling relicyms for 1300 each easily making almost 2m per hour!

Method 4: pickpocketing cave goblins with rogues outfit can yield iron ore, double bullseye lanterns, and cave goblin wire (and gold). There are goblins right next to the bank in Dorgesh, so you can keep running back and forth, very easy requirements and easy 250k-500k/hour.

Method 5: Unusual moneymaker: Buy baby implings from GE and convert into impling jars at Elnock Inquisitor in puro puro. Baby imps on GE – 2071 gp. Jars – 3 x 1018 gp resulting in 200-250k/hour.

Method 6: Killing scarab riders with the keris (p++) in the sophanem dungeon They drop an average of like 4k per kill they die really fast with a keris as it does extra damage to them the scarab rider respawns extremely fast so you can camp 1 and it will respawn right after you pick up the drop allowing you to slay them quickly back to back for 300k-500k an hour.

This is 6 extremely easy OSRS money makers and ways to make money OSRS, stay tuned for more!


Barbarian assault osrs


Barbarian assault osrs is an safe, team based minigame located at Barbarian Outpost. A team of five players must work together to battle 10 waves of Penance, before killing the penance queen herself.

Players must form a set of 5 players to play Barbarian assault osrs in order to play. Completion of each wave will reward each player with specific Honor points to the role they chose. Honor points can be used to redeem a variety of combat-based equipment, notably the fighter torso. Players can also gamble points for a chance to get the coveted pet, Dragon Chain bodies are also an extremely rare reward but they are no longer worth very much anymore.

Checking Points:

Players can check the Honour points they have earned by checking the blackboard located at Barbarian Assault osrs.

Barbarian Assault Clans

There are clans within Barbarian assault that will teach you about the game and how to play it, and some will even get you a Fighter Torso or other equipment for a fee(Although they are more expensive than 07services!) but these clans are a great way to meet others that love Barbarian assault in OSRS and a great place to learn with experienced players. To find them just go to an Barbarian assault osrs world and ask around at the minigame and your sure to stumble across various different clans willing to help you. Do not get scammed though! Make sure the clan is reputable before you have them boost you or help you get your Fighter Torso! If your worried about reputation offers fighter torsos, roles and more which can be found under our minigame tab, Roles can be found here:

Getting There:

The Barbarian Assault arena can be found in an outdoor underground area, at the Barbarian Outpost just north of Baxtorian Falls. There are several methods by which players can get here: The easiest being a games necklace which has a direct teleport, Followed by the minigames teleport that all players have, or the enchanted lyre is also a quick transportation method.

Barbarian Assault is a safe minigame however if you die within the game the entire team must restart. This can be difficult sometimes if you are working with an inexperienced team trying to do osrs barbarian assault. If your trying to get a torso and struggling or any other OSRS barbarian assault gear, 07services can get you a hand-done torso quickly. For a full Barbarian assault osrs guide visit here

Buy Fighter Torso OSRS

We offer hand-done, hand gotten Fighter Torsos, Penance Skirts, Barbarian assault roles and more, just visit