You agree to hold harmless 07services their affiliates and owners of any damages that may include “wealth” of some variation during a service.  This includes ingame currency, stats, account builds, items, names, certain unlocks such as spellbooks and prayers, and anything else that might be defined as having a monetary value outside of old school runescape. All non-service related wealth must be removed from the account before service starts. If a bank pin is not on the account, 07services will take no liability for the accounts bank in any form. All accounts should have pins on them unless bank access is required by the service. You agree that you bare the burden of evidence for wealth theft, and that any wealth that is proven to be stolen will be valued at standard market values at the time of us being informed of the issue through a report. 07services may not bare the monetary cost of any wealth that exceeds a value of 500$ as at no time should any service we complete on this website require such a large amount to be on any account. By ordering a service from 07services or using this website; you agree to wealth policy in it’s entirety. This policy is in place to make sure that should a average amount of wealth go missing(<$500), that customers are covered in the event of theft. Please remove ALL excess wealth before ordering and or the service starting to prevent issues