OSRS Quest Cape


If you’re an avid player of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), one of your goals may be to obtain the Quest Cape. The Quest Cape is an item in the game that represents a player’s achievement in completing all of the available quests in the game. It’s a symbol of dedication, skill, and perseverance in OSRS, and it’s a great achievement to have on your account. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at how to get an OSRS Quest Cape.

To obtain Quest cape OSRS on Old school Runescape you need the above stats as-well as 286 quest points. You will also need at least 25 Million OSRS gold to get you a Quest cape OSRS on Old School Runescape. If you need help with OSRS questing you can buy OSRS quests for your OSRS quest cape:

The easiest way to approach OSRS questing is to obtain the above stats through doing easier quests at first(novice quests) then moving on to harder quests such as grandmaster quests later on down the line; doing quests can provide you experience and knowledge about the game that may come in use later on down the line. A combination of skilling and questing is often the most effective method to approaching a quest cape because in Old School Runescape Questing; Game knowledge is key.  The noted combat stats only get a player to a combat level of 100. The absolute minimum total level required to complete all quests is 1954 total levels on old school runescape.

What is the OSRS Quest Cape?

Before we delve into the specifics of obtaining the Quest Cape, let’s first talk about what it is. The Quest Cape is a cape that is awarded to players who have completed all of the quests available in OSRS. This includes both Free-to-Play and Members-only quests, and it’s a sign of a player’s dedication to the game. The Quest Cape is a cosmetic item, meaning that it doesn’t provide any bonuses to a player’s stats, but it’s a great way to show off your achievements to other players.

What are the requirements to get the Quest Cape?

To obtain the Quest Cape, you must meet several requirements. First, you must have completed all of the available quests in the game, including mini-quests and the Recipe for Disaster sub-quests. This means that you must have completed a total of 277 quests, which is no small feat.

In addition to completing all of the quests, you must also meet several other requirements. You must have:

  • A total skill level of 1800+
  • Completed the Achievement Diary of each area
  • Completed the Barrows Mini-game
  • Completed the Mage Arena II mini-quest
  • Completed the Inferno mini-game
  • Unlocked all of the music tracks in the game
  • Completed the Fight Caves mini-game
  • Completed the Theatre of Blood mini-game

As you can see, obtaining the Quest Cape requires much more than just completing all of the quests in the game. You’ll need to be a well-rounded player with high skill levels and plenty of experience in the game.

osrs quest cape requirements

How to Obtain the Quest Cape

If you’re ready to start working towards obtaining the Quest Cape, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you along the way:

  1. Complete all of the available quests in the game: This is the most time-consuming part of obtaining the Quest Cape. You’ll need to complete all of the quests available in the game, including mini-quests and the Recipe for Disaster sub-quests. You can check your progress by talking to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village.
  2. Reach a total skill level of 1954+: Once you’ve completed all of the quests, you’ll need to work on raising your skill levels. You’ll need to have a total skill level of 1954+, This will require a lot of time and effort, but it’s a necessary step in obtaining the Quest Cape.
  3. Complete the Achievement Diary of each area: The Achievement Diaries are a series of challenges that are specific to each area in the game. To obtain the Quest Cape, you’ll need to complete the Achievement Diary of each area. This will require completing a variety of tasks, such as killing certain monsters, completing mini-games, and raising your skill levels.
  4. Complete the Barrows Mini-game: The Barrows Mini-game is a combat mini-game that requires players to defeat six brothers in a crypt. You’ll need to defeat all six brothers at least once to complete the mini-game.
  5. Complete the Mage Arena II mini-quest: The Mage Arena II mini-quest is a combat-focused mini-quest that requires players to defeat several

Where To Buy Quest Cape OSRS

The Quest cape OSRS or OSRS quest cape can be purchased from the wise old man at draynor village for 99k and can also be trimmed there once all achievement diaries in Old School Runescape have been completed. For a full list of quest guides and where you can potentially start visit


Why Buy Runescape 3 Gold: The Ultimate Guide


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Runescape 3 is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) on the market today. With millions of players from around the world, the game is known for its engaging storylines, diverse range of skills, and the ability to trade items and gold with other players. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the benefits of buying Runescape 3 gold and what to look for when choosing a provider.

What is Runescape 3 Gold?

Runescape 3 gold is the in-game currency used in Runescape 3. Players can use gold to purchase items, skills, and upgrades, making it an essential part of the game. Runescape 3 gold is obtained through a variety of means, including completing quests, trading with other players, and participating in minigames.

Benefits of Buying Runescape 3 Gold

There are several benefits to buying Runescape 3 gold, including:

  • Convenient: Buying Runescape 3 gold is a convenient way to get the gold you need to progress through the game.
  • Save Time: By buying gold, you can avoid the time-consuming process of obtaining gold through in-game methods, such as completing quests or participating in minigames.
  • Enhance Gameplay: With more gold, you can purchase items and upgrades that will enhance your gameplay experience, allowing you to progress through the game more quickly and effectively.
  • Competitive Advantage: With more gold, you can purchase the items and skills you need to gain a competitive advantage over other players, giving you an edge in battles and quests.

Choosing the Right Runescape 3 Gold Provider

When it comes to buying Runescape 3 gold, it’s essential to choose the right provider to ensure you get the best possible experience:

  • Reputation of Provider: Research the reputation of the provider to ensure you’re choosing a reliable and trustworthy service. Check reviews and feedback from other players to gauge the provider’s credibility.
  • Price: Compare prices of different Runescape 3 gold providers to find one that offers the best value for money. Make sure the provider fits within your budget.
  • Payment Options: Choose a provider that offers a range of payment options to make the process of buying Runescape 3 gold as convenient as possible.
  • Customer Support: Look for a provider that offers excellent customer support in case you need help or have any questions. Choose a provider that will be available to assist you if any issues arise.
  • Guarantees: Choose a provider that offers guarantees and warranties to ensure you’re protected in case of any issues with your Runescape 3 gold purchase.


Buying Runescape 3 gold is a convenient way to get the gold you need to progress through the game. By choosing the right provider, you can enjoy a secure, affordable, and convenient process, giving you a competitive advantage over other players. Use the guidelines and factors mentioned above to find the best Runescape 3 gold provider and start your journey to becoming a master of the game.


OSRS Runecrafting Guide

1-99 Runecrafting Guide

Released in March of 2004, Runecrafting is easily one of the most profitable skills in the game, which is the reason why thousands of players take on the challenge to make exceptional amounts of gold. However, the deterrent factor of Runecrafting is its slowness, repetitiveness and tediousness. Embarking on this challenge will require quite a lot of determination, but it’s all worth it in the end. Get ready for a long journey, as in this OSRS Runecraft guide, we go through not only the fastest ways to 99, but also the most profitable.


Just before we jump into our OSRS Runecrafting guide, we recommend a few quests for you to complete that provide Runecrafting. Any skill, especially Runecrafting with its slow early levels, can be easily zoomed through via questing. Here’s the full list of quests in OSRS that provide Runecrafting experience.

Useful Equipment

To make your Runecrafting journey a little easier, we recommend getting the following items.

Graceful Outfit

Since you’ll be running constantly throughout your Runecrafting journey, the graceful outfit will help you tremendously. In its most basic form, the graceful outfit, once worn, provides a weight reduction for your character, thus increasing the time you can run continuously. Additionally, once the whole outfit has been worn, your run energy is restored 30% faster. Now, to get this outfit, you’ll need to do some agility – a lot of agility. More specifically, you’ll need to be doing rooftop agility courses, which you can find around Gielinor. While you’re completing the rooftop agility courses, you’ll stumble upon “Marks of Grace’ here and there. Make sure you pick these up, because they become pivotal in attaining the graceful outfit. You’ll need 260 marks of grace to purchase the whole graceful outfit from Grace (who can be found in the Rouge’s Den), but you can purchase each piece individually. The hood costs 35 marks of grace and provides a 3 kilogram weight reduction, the top costs 55 marks of grace and provides a 5 kilogram weight reduction, the legs cost 60 marks of grace and provides a 6 kilogram weight reduction, the gloves costs 30 marks of grace and provide a 3 kilogram reduction, the boots cost 40 marks of grace and provide a 4 kilogram reduction, and finally, the cape costs 40 marks of grace and also provides a 4 kilogram weight reduction.

Stamina Potions

To assist you on your continuous journeys of running while training Runecrafting, stamina potions will be of great benefit. Stamina potions, once you drink a dose, restores 20% of your run energy, but also reduces the rate of losing run energy by 70% for 2 minutes. And considering the fact you’ll be running quite a lot, this will prove to be almost necessary. You can buy these from the grand exchange, or make them yourselves, with 77 herblore, a super energy potion and amylase crystals.

Essence Pouches

To maximize both profits and experience rates, you’ll need to get essence pouches. Essence pouches are bags which take up a single spot in your inventory but are able to hold certain amounts of either pure or rune essence. To get the first “tier’ of the pouches, the small pouch, you’ll need to complete the “Enter the Abyss’ miniquest. To get the next three tiers can be attained via killing Abyss monsters in the Abyss, which can be accessed via the wilderness. The small pouch carries 3 essence and can be used at level 1 Runecrafting, the medium pouch carries 6 essence and can be used at level 25 Runecrafting, the large pouch carries 9 essence and can be used at level 50 Runecrafting, and finally the giant pouch carries 12 essence and can be used at level 75 Runecrafting. In the rare instance that your pouches break, you can repair them by talking to the Dark Mage, in the center of the Abyss.

Levelling Guide

For this guide, you have the options of going down two routes: Fast and Profitable. Keep in mind, for the Fast route, you will be losing money, but getting relatively high experience rates and for the Profitable method you will be getting medium experience rates but a lot of money.


Levels 1-9 – Crafting Air Runes

To kick off your journey to 99 Runecrafting, you’ll be crafting air runes from level 1 through to level 9. You’ll only be doing this for a couple mins, so don’t get too comfortable! To craft air runes, you need an air tiara (or a talisman, but a talisman is less efficient), as well as some pure or rune essence. Also, to speed up your runs, we recommend bringing Falador teleports, essence pouches lightweight gear and even stamina potions.

With your lightweight gear, unnoted essence, essence pouch (if you’ve got one), Falador teleports, air talisman and stamina potion, start at the Falador bank (the one just east of the castle). From there, follow our attached map to the air altar, and enter it. Once you’re inside, simply use your essence on the altar, craft your air runes, and teleport out. Now it’s as simple as completing that all over again until you reach level 9. Keep in mind, a possible substitute for levels 1-9 can be the Abyss miniquest (If you plan on making significant profits from Runecrafting, you’ll need to have the Abyss miniquest done).

Levels 9-14 – Crafting Earth Runes

Just like the air runes, you’ll only be crafting Earth runes for a few minutes, up until level 14. For this, bring your earth tiara, pure or rune essence, essence pouches, Varrock teleports, lightweight gear and stamina potions.

With all your items equipped and, in your inventory, start at the Varrock east bank, and follow our attached map to the earth altar, and enter it. And just like for the air runes, simply use your essence on the altar, craft your runes and teleport back out to Varrock. Repeat those steps until you reach level 14.

As a substitute, you can complete the Eyes of Glouphrie quest to jump straight to level 23.

Levels 14-23 – Crafting Fire Runes

From levels 14 through to 23, you’ll be crafting fire runes. Don’t worry, crafting Fire Runes are exceptionally quick, so you’ll zoom through these levels. For this, bring your fire tiara, pure or rune essence, essence pouches, rings of dueling, lightweight gear and stamina potions.

With all your items, start at the castle wars bank (which can be accessed via the dueling ring teleport) and teleport via the dueling ring to the duel arena, and head slightly north to the fire altar, as shown on the map, and enter it. And just like each method we’ve already gone through, use your essence on the altar, craft your runes and teleport back to castle wars. And you guessed it – repeat until you reach level 23.

Levels 23-99 – Crafting Lava Runes

Now, for the fastest Runecrafting method in this whole OSRS Runecrafting Guide – crafting lava runes! This is the final stretch to 99! Keep in mind, unlike its counterparts, you will end up losing money in this method, but it won’t be a tremendous amount. For the most efficient way to craft lava runes, you’ll need level 82 magic for “magic imbue,’ which is unlocked after the completion of the lunar diplomacy quest. This spell simply removes the need of a talisman while crafting combination runes such as lava runes. If you do not have magic imbue, you’ll need to bring a talisman for every single run. For this, bring your fire tiara, binding necklace (to ensure 100% successful crafting), lightweight gear, essence pouches, pure or rune essence, rings of dueling, earth runes, rune pouch holding law, cosmic and astral runes and stamina potions.

With all your items equipped and, in your inventory, start at the castle wars bank and teleport via the dueling ring to the duel area. Use the map attached in the method to make fire runes, and head to the fire altar. Just before you enter the altar, use your magic imbue spell. Once you’re in, use your earth runes on the fire altar, and you’ll start to make lava runes. Once you’ve converted all your essence into lava runes, simply teleport back to castle wars and repeat it all over again!


Levels 1-9 – Crafting Air Runes

This method is the exact same as before in this OSRS Runecrafting Guide – so scroll up! Or, you could just complete the “Enter the Abyss’ mini quest.

Levels 9-13 – Crafting Earth Runes

Exact same as before – scroll up!

Levels 13-44 – Crafting Mud Runes

Now – we start to make some money in this section of this OSRS Runecrafting Guide! From levels 13 through to 44, you’ll be crafting mud runes. To craft mud runes with the greatest efficiency, you’ll need level 82 magic for the “magic imbue’ spell in the lunar spell book (which is unlocked after completing lunar diplomacy). This spell negates the need of bringing a talisman to the altar. To make mud runes, you’ll need an earth tiara, binding necklace, lightweight gear, essence pouches, pure or rune essence, Varrock teleports, rune pouch which holds law, cosmic and astral runes, stamina potions and water runes.

With all your items equipped and, in your inventory, start at the east bank of Varrock, and follow the map we’ve provided to the earth altar. Before you enter it, use your magic imbue spell. Once you’re in, use your water runes on the earth altar, and you’ll start to make mud runes. After you’ve crafted all the runes you are able to, simply teleport back out to Varrock, and repeat the whole process until you reach level 44.

Levels 44-59 – Crafting Nature Runes

Continuing on in the profitability section of this OSRS Runecrafting guide, you’ll be crafting nature runes from levels 44 through to 59. Unlike our previous methods, we’ll be crafting nature runes through the Abyss. Keep in mind, to access the Abyss, you’ll need to go through the wilderness, so don’t bring anything you won’t want to lose. Also, you’ll need to complete a relatively short mini quest, called “Enter the Abyss.’ For this method, you’ll need lightweight gear, essence pouches, pure or rune essence, amulet of glories (charged), stamina potions and a pickaxe (any would work).

With all your items equipped and, in your inventory, start at the Edgeville bank, and follow the yellow line as shown on the map adjacent to the Mage of Zamorak. Right click on him, and teleport to the Abyss.

Once you’re in the Abyss, you’ll need to work your way inside. You’ll spawn in the outer ring, and you’re going to try get into the inner ring. To get into the inner ring, you can either use the rocks to mine through, the distracting eyes or the gaps to squeeze through. Using the adjacent map, you can see that the nature altar is second to the left on the north side of the inner ring. Simply enter it, and you’ll be instantly transported to the nature altar. From there, it’s as simple as using your essence on the altar, crafting all your nature runes and teleporting out to the bank in Edgeville via your amulet of glory. Drink a stamina dose and repeat the whole process!

Levels 59-82 – Crafting Cosmic Runes

For the next method, crafting cosmic runes from levels 59 to 82, you will get a massive profit (over 100 million!). For this, you’ll have to complete the Lost City quest, which is a quest you’ll need for your Runescape journey anyway. For this method, you’ll need your lightweight gear, essence pouches, pure or rune essence and stamina potions. Once you’ve got all that, head to Zanaris, which can be accessed by wielding a dramen staff and entering the shack in the Lumbridge swamp, or by using the fairy ring teleports.

Once you’re at the back in the top right, follow the path as shown on the map. If you’ve got an agility level of less than 46, you’ll be using the blue path. However, if you’ve got an agility level between 46 and 65, you’ll be using the left yellow path. And finally, if you’ve got an agility level of at least 66, you can use the right yellow path for maximum efficiency. Once you’re at the chaos altar, simply enter it, use your essence on the altar, convert it all into cosmic runes, and head back out to the bank located in the north-west of Zanaris.

Levels 82-91 – Crafting Astral Runes

To make even more money, at even higher experience rates, you’ll be crafting astral runes from levels 82 through to 91. To craft astral runes, you’ll need to have completed lunar diplomacy. If you haven’t completed Dream Mentor, you’ll need to bring along your Seal of Passage. For this method, bring your lightweight gear, essence pouches, pure or rune essence, stamina potions, earth staff and law runes (also, make sure you’re on your lunar spell book). With all your items, head to the Lunar Isle village bank.

From there, simply make the journey south-east to the circled area on the map adjacent, which is the lunar altar. Simply enter the altar, use the essence on the altar, and craft all your essence into astral runes. Now, head over to your spell book, and use the “Moonclan Teleport’ to get back to the lunar isle bank. Repeat it all over again until you’ve reached 91 runecrafting!

Levels 91-99 – Crafting Nature Runes

Exact same as before, but this time – you’ll be making more money, and getting to level 99!

And there you have it – a 1-99 OSRS Runecrafting Guide! Have fun grinding it through this skill, and good luck getting that mastery cape!


OSRS Mining Guide. Complete 1-99 OSRS mining guide

OSRS Mining is one of OSRS gathering skills; this means you are out collecting resources, mainly ores.

In this OSRS mining guide we take you through several methods of power leveling the OSRS mining skill.

OSRS mining guide

OSRS Mining guide (1-99) (Members)

OSRS Dragon Pickaxe

Useful equipment for Mining in OSRS:

Dragon Pickaxe special attack

  • – useable at any mining level w/ 60 attack requirement
  • – gives a +3 OSRS Mining level boost
Prospector armour set

Prospector armour set

  • – +2.5% experience for complete set when worn!
  • – obtainable from Motherlode Mine for 180 golden nuggets from prospector perry.
Varroc armour OSRS

Varrock Armour

  • – chance at mining two ores (roughly 10%)
OSRS mining gloves

Mining Gloves (regular, superior and expert)

  • – a chance for the rock to not deplete when mined, very powerful when coupled with Varrock armor.
OSRS mining guide

Level 1-32: Questing

You start our journey by completing quests, mostly because the time to gain mining experience at lower levels is prolonged. Completing the two quests below will level you straight to level 32.

Quest: Doric’s Quest

  • Starting location: North of Falador, speak to Doric
  • Requirements: none
  • Rewards:
Doric’s Quest Reward

Before starting Doric’s Quest, we suggest you collect a few materials used during the quest; this will save you a little time while completing it:

  • Six clay (not soft clay)
  • 4 Copper ore
  • 2 Iron ore

Quest: The Digsite

  • Starting location: Talk to an Examiner in the Exam Hall south of the dig site.
  • Requirements: 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, 25 Thieving
  • Rewards:
The Digsite Quest Reward

The Digsite is a slightly longer quest, with a few low-level requirements but is needed to effectively begin mining.

OSRS mining guide

Level 15-75: Mining Iron Ore in 3 rock areas

  • 25000 to 50000 XP per hour, dependent upon your level
  • Locations: Legend’s guild, Mining Guild, Lovakengj Mine,
  • Ores needed to mine: 34,000
  • 35-40 hours of mining needed

Mining Iron Ore is one of the fastest methods of getting your OSRS Mining level up. You should always ensure you’re wearing your Varrock Armour, the highest level Mining Gloves available to you and using the Dragon Pickaxe special ability whenever possible. It’s suggested to power drop all ore you mine as banking dramatically slows down your OSRS mining exp rates.

OldSchool RuneScape mining guild

We also prefer to use the three rock area in the Mining Guild as soon as you hit level 60 Mining. This is because just being in the Mining Guild provides a hidden +7 to your mining level, giving you a faster mining rate of iron ore.

OSRS mining guide

Level 75-99: 3-Tick Granite Quarry

  • 75000 to 110k XP per hour, depending on the level
  • Location: Desert Quarry
  • Ores needed to mine: 200,000
  • 150 hours of mining required

3-Tick Granite Mining provides the fastest Mining experience rates available in OSRS. It does, unfortunately, come with one major setback – it is incredibly click intensive. EXP begins here at 75k exp/hour and peaks at 110k exp an hour after 85+ mining is achieved.

OSRS mining guide

AFK-able OSRS mining methods

  • Level 1-15: Mining Rune Essence
  • 5k xp per hour

Mining Rune Essence requires completion of the Quest: Rune Mysteries. This low-level method provides an easy way into the Runecrafting skill and some very AFK-able experience.

  • Level 30-99: Motherlode Mine
  • 20000 to 50000 XP per hour
  • Location: Dwarven Mines, next to the Mining Guild

Mining in the Motherload Mine is a popular way to get to level 99 Mining since it’s so relaxed, and you don’t need to worry about much. The experience rates here at Motherload Mine are much slower than the previous 3-Tick Granite Mining method. You can expect XP rates of around 35,000 exp per hour.

  • Level 70-99: Volcanic Mine
  • 60,000 to 90,000 XP per hour
  • Requirements: 150 Kudos at the Varrock Museum

This is a method that a lot of players choose to do, as it’s a lot more enjoyable than the 3-Tick Granite Mining and gives the second-best experience rates in the game. While this method can be unlocked from level 50, it’s recommended to start at around level 70, due to the lower experience rates at lower levels.

The Volcanic Mine is a team effort for increased experience per hour. With a decent team, you can achieve around 90000 XP per hour.

OldSchool RuneScape Volcanic mine

Be sure to equip any gear you own which provides a healing boost, or take plenty of food with you. Initially, the minigame here can deal quite a fair amount of damage if you are unsure of what you are doing. We strongly suggest checking out a guide to the Volcanic Mine before you attempt this method!

OSRS mining guide

Profitable OSRS Mining methods

Level 40-75: Mining Gem Rocks

  • 50000 xp per hour
  • about 500k gold per hour
  • total gems needed for levels are around 15,000 gem rocks mined.
  • Profit is between 16-22M OSRS

Red Topaz gems are the ones you’re looking for, your real money jackpot! These rocks don’t provide the common ores, but instead, shower your player with some shiny gems.

You’ll need to have completed the Quest: Shilo Village before you can access these gem rocks, but they are in the perfect location, about a 20 second run from the closest bank. Always wear an amulet of glory here as it increases your chances of getting a good gem!

Levels 75-99: Blast Mine

  • 50000 XP per hour
  • Requirements: 100% favor with Lovakengj House in Zeah
  • about 400k gold per hour
  • total profit is 100M gold throughout leveling

The beauty of Blast Mine is that you can access and gather ore, which is usually only available to you at an OSRS Mining level of 10 higher than you currently are. This means that at level 75, you can access and gather Runite Ore leading to some extra tasty profits.

OSRS runite ore

Level 85-99: Mining Runite Ore

  • 5000-15000 XP per hour
  • Location of Runite Rocks: Heroes’ Guild, Mining Guild, Myths’ Guild, Mor Ul Rek, Wilderness
  • about 500k gold per hour
  • total profit of about 750M gold

Mining rune ore is terrible exp rates but fantastic cash, with the results of 85-99 getting you a ridiculous 750M gold.

OSRS Amethyst Crystal

Level 92-99: Mining Amethyst Crystals

  • 20000 XP per hour
  • Location: Mining Guild
  • 300k gold per hour
  • total profit of 100 million gold

Although these Crystals are located in the Mining Guild, the +7 boost typically awarded here does not apply to these Amethyst Crystals. However, the Dragon Pickaxe special attack does apply to ‘mining’ them.


Barrows Gloves OSRS guide

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Easy to use OSRS Barrows Gloves Guide

Barrows Gloves Quest Requirements List

  • Horror from the Deep
  •   · Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl miniquest
  • · Desert Treasure
  •   · The Dig Site
  •   · Temple of Ikov
  •   · The Tourist Trap
  •   · Troll Stronghold
  •     Death Plateau
  • · Legends’ Quest (only needs to be started)
  •   · Family Crest
  •   · Heroes’ Quest
  •      Shield of Arrav
  •      Lost City
  •     Merlin’s Crystal
  •     Dragon Slayer
  •     Druidic Ritual
  •   · Shilo Village
  •     Jungle Potion
  •   · Underground Pass
  •     · Biohazard
  •       · Plague City
  •     Waterfall Quest
  • · Monkey Madness I
  •   · The Grand Tree
  •   · Tree Gnome Village
  • · Shadow of the Storm
  •   · Demon Slayer
  •   · The Golem
  • · Nature Spirit
  •   · Priest in Peril
  •   · The Restless Ghost
  • · Cook’s Assistant
  • · Fishing Contest
  • · Goblin Diplomacy
  • · Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • · Murder Mystery
  • · Witch’s House
  • · Gertrude’s Cat

Barrows Gloves OSRS Skill Requirements

  • · 10 Fletching.
  • · 25 Herblore, can be boosted. Botanical pie +4 or Greenman’s ale(m) for +2.
  • · 36 Woodcutting.
  • · 40 Smithing.
  • · 40 Ranged.
  • · 40 Crafting.
  • · 48 Agility. Higher levels (around 60) will definitely be useful for Underground Pass.
  • · 50 Firemaking.
  • · 50 Mining, can be boosted. Brown Spicy Stew can apply a -5 or +5. Better to simply level.
  • · 53 Fishing, which can be boosted. An Admiral Pie can boost to +5.
  • · 53 Thieving.
  • · 59 Magic, can be boosted. Magic potions increase by +4.
  • · 70 Cooking.  Can be boosted from +2 to +6

What are Barrow Gloves OSRS?

Barrows gloves are a highly desired equipment in Old School Runescape. For the cheap cost of only 130k gold you can acquire best in slot gloves throughout your entire Runescape journey. These gloves are locked behind the Recipe for Disaster quests which require 175 Quest points or virtually half of the quests within Old School to be able to complete Recipe for Disaster. Barrow gloves are an excellent goal to work towards for any new main account. For PvP osrs accounts, it will definitely be a huge grind to get Barrows gloves. One thing worth noting is the gloves do not have any defensive requirements to equip, but due to the experience being rewarded from the quests, the minimum level to equip them is 40 Defence. This means pures are unable to equip the Barrow gloves. The idea behind OSRS barrow gloves is that the gloves will become unlocked through a natural progression of the game, as you work towards end game content such as Vorkath, Theatre of blood and other end-game content that is locked behind high requirements through levels and other OSRS quests you will find that obtaining Barrows gloves comes with the natural progression of your Old School Runescape account.