Osrs Quest Order

Planning the order in which to complete quests in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) can significantly impact your gameplay experience, skill progression, and overall efficiency. Below is a general guide on the recommended order for completing quests in OSRS. This order focuses on optimizing experience gains, unlocking useful content, and minimizing repetitive skilling requirements.

Phase 1: Early Quests

  1. Cook’s Assistant
  2. The Restless Ghost
  3. Waterfall Quest
  4. Tree Gnome Village
  5. The Grand Tree
  6. Fight Arena
  7. Hazeel Cult
  8. Death Plateau
  9. Troll Stronghold
  10. Creature of Fenkenstrain
  11. The Feud
  12. Temple of Ikov
  13. Fishing Contest
  14. Dwarf Cannon
  15. Gertrude’s Cat
  16. Shadow of the Storm
  17. Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  18. Biohazard
  19. Plague City
  20. Jungle Potion

Phase 2: Intermediate Quests 21. The Tourist Trap

  1. Watchtower
  2. Dig Site
  3. Temple of Ikov
  4. Tourist Trap
  5. Holy Grail
  6. Murder Mystery
  7. Nature Spirit
  8. Priest in Peril
  9. In Aid of the Myreque
  10. Troll Romance
  11. Regicide
  12. Underground Pass
  13. Roving Elves
  14. Mourning’s End Part I
  15. Mourning’s End Part II
  16. Sheep Herder
  17. Plague City
  18. Biohazard
  19. Waterfall Quest
  20. Recipe for Disaster Subquest 1: Lumbridge Guide

Phase 3: Advanced Quests 42. Recipe for Disaster Subquest 2: Pirate Pete

  1. Desert Treasure
  2. Recipe for Disaster Subquest 3: Evil Dave
  3. Recipe for Disaster Subquest 4: Skrach Uglogwee
  4. The Fremennik Trials
  5. The Fremennik Isles
  6. Horrors from the Deep
  7. Monkey Madness I
  8. The Lost City
  9. Recipe for Disaster Subquest 5: Sir Amik Varze
  10. The Legends’ Quest
  11. Desert Treasure II (if available)

Phase 4: Late-Game Quests 54. Recipe for Disaster Subquest 6: King Awowogei

  1. Lunar Diplomacy
  2. Dream Mentor
  3. A Taste of Hope
  4. Song of the Elves
  5. Monkey Madness II
  6. Dragon Slayer II
  7. Sins of the Father
  8. A Kingdom Divided
  9. The Fremennik Exiles
  10. Desperate Measures
  11. Recipe for Disaster Final Battle: Defeating the Culinaromancer

Phase 5: Miscellaneous Quests 66. Recipe for Disaster (completing all subquests)

  1. Other quests for skill and area unlocks
  2. Achievement Diary quests
  3. Quest Cape unlocked!

Please note that this quest order is a general guideline and may vary based on your specific preferences, goals, and existing skill levels. Some players may prefer to complete certain quests earlier to unlock specific content or abilities for training skills more efficiently. Always ensure that you have the required skill levels and items before starting each quest, and consult the OSRS wiki or community guides for the most up-to-date information and quest details.

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