Lunar Diplomacy Osrs

Quest: Lunar Diplomacy Difficulty: Master Length: Long


  1. Completion of the quests “The Fremennik Trials,” “Lost City,” “Rune Mysteries,” “Shilo Village,” “Jungle Potion,” and “Druidic Ritual.”
  2. Skills: 61 Crafting, 40 Defense, 49 Firemaking, 65 Magic, 60 Mining, 5 Herblore, 55 Woodcutting.
  3. Items: Seal of passage (obtained during “The Fremennik Trials”), Pestle and mortar, Tinderbox, Dramen staff or Lunar staff (if you have already completed “Dream Mentor”), Hammer, Needle, Thread, Pickaxe, and some food and combat gear.

Note: This guide is divided into phases for easier navigation. Make sure you have all the necessary items and requirements before starting the quest.

Phase 1: The Start

  1. Speak to Lokar Searunner in Rellekka’s main building. He will mention a sailor on Lunar Isle who needs help.
  2. Head to the docks of Rellekka and talk to Captain Bentley on the easternmost dock. He will tell you about the Lunar Isle and how to get there.

Phase 2: Gaining Access to Lunar Isle

  1. Visit the bank and equip your seal of passage. If you don’t have it, talk to Brundt the Chieftain to get one.
  2. Travel to the northernmost dock of Rellekka and speak with Meteora. Ask her to take you to the Lunar Isle.
  3. On the Lunar Isle, speak to Lokar Searunner near the dock. He will ask you to find the Mysterious Ruins.
  4. Go south-east from Lokar and climb over the stile. Head south until you find the Mysterious Ruins. Investigate them.
  5. After investigating, return to Lokar and talk to him again.

Phase 3: The Seal of Passage

  1. Head to the southern part of Lunar Isle and find the seal of passage shop. Talk to the Oneiromancer there.
  2. She will ask for three dream vials to recharge the seal of passage. To get them, you’ll need to provide three items associated with the Fremennik, Lunar, and Astral runes.a. Fremennik Dream Vial: Fill an empty vial with water from the Lunar Isle’s fountain. b. Lunar Dream Vial: Use a pestle and mortar on the astral rune. c. Astral Dream Vial: Use a hammer on a suqah tooth and then use it with a pestle and mortar.
  3. Give the three dream vials to the Oneiromancer to recharge your seal of passage.

Phase 4: Fixing the Seal

  1. Talk to Lokar Searunner, and he’ll tell you that the seal of passage has broken and needs fixing.
  2. Return to the seal of passage shop and talk to the Oneiromancer. She’ll tell you that you need to speak to the High Priest near the Astral Altar.
  3. Head to the Astral Altar on the north-eastern part of the island and talk to the High Priest. He will give you a Seal of passage (e).

Phase 5: The Symbol

  1. Return to Lokar Searunner and show him the Seal of passage (e). He’ll tell you that the High Priest has given you a seal for the Seal of passage.
  2. Now Lokar will ask you to get the symbol of the Moon Clan, the planet of Lunar Isle.
  3. Head south-west to the Moon Clan area and speak with Meteora. She will mention that the symbol was stolen by the Suqahs.
  4. Go west and find a suqah in the Dream World. Ask him about the symbol, and he will agree to give it to you if you can correctly guess his name. The correct answer is “Mojo.”
  5. Once you have the symbol, return to Meteora and give it to her.

Phase 6: Battling the Suqah

  1. Meteora will ask you to get rid of the Suqahs that have been bothering the Moon Clan.
  2. Go south-east and enter the Suqah Lair. Inside, fight the Suqahs until you find a sleeping one.
  3. Use your pickaxe on the sleeping suqah to wake him up and engage in combat.
  4. Defeat the suqah and it will drop the Suqah tooth.

Phase 7: The Staff

  1. Return to the Lunar Isle and talk to Lokar. He will tell you that the staff of the Moon Clan was broken and lost.
  2. Go to the south-eastern part of the island and speak with Baba Yaga’s assistant. He will give you the broken staff.
  3. Use a chisel on the broken staff to repair it.

Phase 8: The Magic Imbue

  1. Return to the Oneiromancer and show her the repaired staff.
  2. She will then teach you the Magic Imbue spell. Cast the spell on the Magic Imbue tablet to unlock it for use outside the Lunar Isle.

Phase 9: The Dream World

  1. Head to the central part of the Lunar Isle and find a small cave entrance.
  2. Go through the cave to the Dream World.

Phase 10: The Dream Mentor

  1. Follow the path and talk to Cyrisus. He will tell you about his nightmares and the torment he faces.
  2. Return to the Lunar Isle and talk to the Oneiromancer about Cyrisus.
  3. She will ask for a dramen staff to help Cyrisus.
  4. Use your dramen staff or lunar staff on Cyrisus to give him the ability to use Magic.

Phase 11: The Final Battle

  1. Go back to the Dream World and talk to Cyrisus again. He will have a new challenge for you.
  2. You will face Cyrisus in a dream battle. Use the Magic Imbue spell to your advantage.
  3. Defeat Cyrisus in the dream battle.

Phase 12: Finishing Up

  1. Return to the Lunar Isle and talk to the Oneiromancer. She will congratulate you and give you the Lunar Staff.
  2. Speak to Lokar Searunner one last time to complete the quest.

Congratulations! You have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest. You have now unlocked the Lunar spellbook and the ability to cast Lunar spells. Enjoy the benefits of your new magical abilities!